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10 Effective Things To Consider in Pitch Writing

The dynamics of economic growth are ruled by brand development and promotion. If you miss out on this, you probably fail the business expansion bit!

When it comes to promoting a new product or service for your business, there may seem to be endless options. It can be difficult to figure out where to start and what promotional methods will give you the best results. The fact is, there are many inexpensive ways to grow your business, and what works best may depend on your industry, offerings, and audience. You can also consider blog marketing to structure your brand promotion pitch.

The real work in the business world is to get customers who can be loyal to your brand and business in general. This implies that you have to master the art of persuasion, which may be laid in either communication ways, i.e. oral or written.

Pitch word made with colorful felt letters on black table
Pitch word made with colorful felt letters on black table

Not forgetting that the digital platforms have provided a viable ground for the marketing activities, how you write about the product and the logic behind it also determine whether you are likely to get the customer for your products and services or not.

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In this article, we provide you with 10 active pitch writing strategies that can win you potential customers for a long journey commitment almost immediately.

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# 1. Know Your Target Audience

You cannot send emails to your readers if you do not fully understand who your audience is. What motivates them? What motivates them? What are their goals and aspirations? What are their pain points?

Their census is only the first step in gaining an understanding of them. You need to gather and analyze enough data to understand what their problems are and how your products can provide solutions to those problems. If you have a deep understanding of your audience, you can provide personal information about your product via email.

A businesswoman holding in hands target and arrow with digital interface
A businesswoman holding in hands target and arrow with digital interface

# 2. Research

The essence of your product promotion email campaign comes before writing, posting, and tracking. Research is the key to your success. Regardless of the size of your business, your engagement rates, your previous product interactions, or your recent experience or experience – you should always do your research.

You can do it the old-fashioned way once you find out which brands you want to target. Go to each product website, click “Contact” and, in most cases, you will find the email address of their PR manager, digital marketing manager, product collaborator manager, or other relevant contact information.

A field worker investigating potential areas to include in marketing
A field worker investigating potential areas to include in marketing

But why are you standing there? Search on LinkedIn, find out more about their professional activities and knowledge, their previous collaborations with promoters and bloggers, products they promote, or projects you think you can participate in. Importantly, once you have shown the step, the sky is the limit, as they say. Yes, it will not hurt if you write to them indicating:

  • to carefully research the products and their concept,
  • use or like the product brand,
  • to share their opinion,
  • that you have amazing ideas on how to market their products.

# 3. Well-Designed Title Line

Many emails are unread. If you can spark enough interest to get someone to open your email, you have won the battle part.

Your title line should:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Mention a profit on the product
  • Make it your own (no copy and paste)
  • Create a sense of urgency

From your title to your exit, each word needs to be considered. Anyone who sends you this doesn’t have much time.

# 4. Adjust The Length And Create A Unique Subject Line

Speaking of headlines, these are as important as the content itself. Having a good promotional voice does not help if the customer does not even see your company email in their inbox. If you have a badly written title line, it reduces the chances of unlocking.

What to do?

Unlock rate decreases if you go over 10 words because the entire title line will not be visible to mobile users. So, improve the length of your theme by thinking about gadget users and how the theme will appear on the smartphone.

Add a personal touch to the title line by entering the recipient’s name.

Avoid using overused and spam terms such as free, commercial, extras, etc. It is possible that your email will be sent immediately to the spam folder or your recipient will send it there. Especially if your customer is trying to get zero inboxes.

You can use a business email address. It is difficult to take one seriously without one.

# 5. Link To Your Influencer Profile

You do not want to confuse the reader with too many links — the chances of someone clicking on an external link are somewhat slim.

Your email should include a link to only one item: your social media profile. As you position yourself as a community mobilizer, your account should already match everything you say in your voice.

# 6. Three Rs Of Influence

Products want to know if you understand what is involved in the partnership. That’s why you need to show them that you know the business side of being a facilitator.

R3 is a good start to make sure you include all the biz details a product needs.

  • Relevance: You share content and have an audience that matches the brand you are posting. It’s good that you have thousands of followers – but will those fans be interested in a particular genre?
  • Resonance: You understand how your content will engage with the product audience. What level of collaboration do you expect to get from your partnership project?
  • Reach: You have an idea of ​​the number of people you can reach reasonably based on your followers and the type of partnership you are proposing.
An entrepreneur describing the areas of profit margins - influence in play.
An entrepreneur describing the areas of profit margins – influence in play.

# 7. Statistics That Show You Are Real Money

By the promoters of social media, the evidence is in the pudding. If you can prove yourself trustworthy, no one will want to work with you.

Brands may be wary of working with influencers because of the alarming news of fake fans and low profit on investment.

To prove you are a real facilitator with the following official, add the following figures to your voice:

  • Level of engagement: The best promoters who do not always have the most followers, are the ones who have the most involvement. That’s why you need to show that you have a reliable, continuous enjoyment of your content even though you like, comment, and share.
  • Monthly Views: By sharing the mid-month views, you show that you have a consistent interest from your fans. If you can also show annual growth, that is even better.
  • Fan growth: If you can show strong fan growth over the past year, you will be able to better highlight the potential access to your content. Brands will look for sustainable growth — you will raise eyebrows if there is a significant increase in followers for no reason or your engagement/follower rate is closed.
  • Conversion rates: Brands like to see metrics similar to conversion rates because it shows that you are able to motivate action. When using the swipe-up feature in your Instagram News, be sure to include conversion rates.

# 8. Details On How You Want To Work Together

You will not be able to submit a complete campaign plan, but you must include a sentence or two of how you would like to work together.

Show that there is a reason for you to get help and that you have done your homework. For example, if you know that this type of product makes an annual holiday campaign and you can reach one of the targeted numbers, then say so. You should formulate your idea in a way that clearly states the benefits of the product.

Include a small, honest compliment. What do you like about this product? And why do you want to work with them (it should be something more than just the need to make money)?

Seminar presenter at corporate conference giving speech.
Seminar presenter at corporate conference giving speech.

# 9. Examples Of Partnerships You Have Formed

If you’ve been in a relationship in the past, write down two of your most important tasks. It is important to give the product you are submitting an idea of ​​the types of projects you have done. Not only does it show that you are knowledgeable, but it also proves that other brands have trusted you in the past.

If you have never worked with a great product and cited a partnership – even a friend or contact – it can help to show your knowledge.

How to include a partnership statement:

  • Name the promoter or brand (or the product industry if you do not have a license)
  • Give one line of how to work with them
  • Share success metrics, accumulated revenue, or other results

# 10. A Signoff

Think of your exit as a call to action in your voice: what do you hope your student will do next?

Whether you are cold or introduced by someone else, you should aim to set up a call or meet in person. Explain (but briefly) what you would like to accomplish in that meeting.

Do not claim compensation for your article, but have a price model that is appropriate for your follow-up discussion.

There is nothing worse than receiving an e-mail that leaves you wondering, ‘Why did they send me an e-mail?’

Your voice needs a clear call to action.

For example:

  • Would you like me to send my media kit?
  • Are you available for a 20-minute call on Friday?
  • Is that something you would like?

If your pitch contains those four ingredients, the exact words will not matter much.

You will be:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. The highlighted benefits of the product and build curiosity
  3. Public evidence has been used to build trust
  4. Ask a question that allows the contact to take the next step

In most cases, that is enough to give an answer.

"Pitch" in letters.
“Pitch” in letters.

Bottom Line

Let’s face it – if there was a time when everyone had an equal opportunity to do well by being present on social media, then definitely. The internet, an excellent rating, gives us a wide range of opportunities and platforms to leave any ‘go back’ ways of thinking and living and to reach out to brands and find great deals.

‘But how should I reach out to brands? What should I write? ‘- he asks. Don’t worry, most promoters and bloggers were equally confused at first, as the startups themselves are naturally difficult. The key is to do your research and create brand pitch scripts that will allow you to find the most rewarding interactions with what you are most interested in. On the other hand, as the Minders Writing Lab Team, we will provide you with easy-to-follow guides on the topic of successful writing of your products.

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