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Welcome to the Minders Writing Lab Services!

Minders Writing Lab is offering all-around writing support. We are a home of skillful and creative writers that are dedicated to professional writing – both facts and fiction, business-based and academic, as well as strict or non-strict scripts. Our writing services go beyond your expectation; academic, weblog content, feasibility studies, business plans, CVs, movie scripts, etc.

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Exclusive Research

Providing you with the well-researched and written content and academic projects has been our main goal and greatest pleasure. Digging in numerous articles and books to get the data necessary for your papers, finding writers who have background in your subject matter, constantly improving our plagiarism scanning tools – this is job that we do daily and that we are very proud of.

Author Connection

Connecting you with the established authors who have produced great research works for global consumption. This involves a back and forth commitment with the authors until your desired objective is achieved. We make sure that author validation is ascertained, and we check at the end if you are satisfied with the services you have been offered. Your purpose will be served just right!

Flexibility & Affordability

Like many other e-commerce companies, we want to ensure that we meet your expectations in the world of writing. The flexibility of pricing may not be our invention or recent invention, but we firmly believe that our customers benefit from this opportunity every day. We connect widely with our flexible prices!

The Process of Placing and Delivering an Order

To make an order with us is as simple as anyone would wish. It only takes a few minutes to place an order on our website, and your request is immediately allocated to the most suitable writer who knows the discipline and has years of experience in writing.

1. Filling the Order Form

The first, and most important step here is to fill out the order form. To start the order process, you need to fill out The Order Form. It contains every specification selection you require and the task command. On further instructions on the task, you are able to enter what the length of the paper should be, what style of writing the author should use, how many resources need to refer to the paper, and other instructions to follow.

Please note that providing initial instructions as accurately as possible is important as this is the first document that our team checks on in the event of a refund/review dispute.

2. Making Your Payment

Make payment via PayPal account:

3. Assigning the Writer

Once the payment has been processed, we assign the writer in the field of expertise indicated from the title of your article. We do not guarantee the same for all orders, but we aim to match the writer and order as effectively as possible. As soon as the writer is granted your job application, you will be able to contact him or her through the e-mail function that will be provided. Direct communication allows us to avoid any confusion and is proven to be less time-consuming than communicating with your writer with the help of the Support team. However, the support team is available to you 24/7, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

4. The Process of Writing

The written paper is sent to our department before it gets delivered to the customer. Our team checks the paper for plagiarism and edits to ensure that the final product is flawless. The proofreading and editing services are included in the cost of the paper.

5. Delivery Process

When your paper is ready, you will be able to access it through your email account provided. We will send you a confirmation email with the final paper attached to it. Please review your paper carefully and confirm that you accept it.

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